Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Training Tuesday: Double Digits and T - 5 days until River Bank Run

Last week turned out to be a pretty decent training week.  Do you see that "10" on Saturday?  That was my first double-digit run since the end of December!

I'm getting kind of bored with writing out each day's workouts since they are all over on Daily Mile (and you all are probably bored reading them).  Maybe once I pull the trigger on Detroit, I'll start logging the workouts in more detail here.
This week's numbers 
Running 17 miles
Biking 14.7 miles
Yoga x 1
Lifting x 3
Walking 6 miles

I did see a new-ish chiro this week (that would be the giant BLANK on Thursday). I had worked with him before my stress fracture 2 years ago and just wanted his opinion again.  He feels my foot issues are being cause by a lack of strength/activation in my hip and glute.  Sort of makes sense.  He also found my quad was a mess, so I'm now rolling like crazy and trying to strengthen my glute.  I actually felt pretty decent after my 10 mile run on Saturday and even managed a 6 mile walk on Sunday.  Maybe we're on the right track.

In related news - the 5/4 River Bank Run 25k Relay is this coming Saturday!! I'm so excited to see Corey again and run with her on Saturday.  Running a good chunk of my segment on Saturday tells me I'm not going to be setting any PRs, but I know I can finish and collect our bling at the finish line!

What's your next race?

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