Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday: run dates

It's always fun when Brea comes back to town to visit her family.  

We met up for a  run and thought we were running late, but we were 30 minutes early since the running store was on their summer group run hours.  When did summer show up?

Since the people that run from that particular store are insanely fast and we wouldn't be running "with" them anyway, we decided not to wait until 6:30 and just headed out for a very nice 3 miler and then hit up Harmony Brewing for dinner.

Lots of conversation about Brea's last semester of college (yes, I'm old enough to be her mom and I'm proud of all she's accomplished), the job interviews she has coming up, and the hiking/running adventures she's planning for this summer.

Oh, to be 22 again :)

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