Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIAW: gluten free doesn't mean calorie free

It's Wednesday, which means it's official weigh-in day.  You all know I'm scale obsessed so I weigh in more than once a week, but Wednesday's number is the one I count.

Last week I was really excited because I finally broke 150 after many, many months.  

This week?  Not so excited.  I haven't seen the 140's since then.  I thought I was eating very well all week.  I was being "good".  I didn't drink on the holiday and last night I cut a workout a little short so I could rush home and eat something paleo before my daughter's track banquet which was catering pizza and breadsticks. (This after having a meltdown on FB about how much I hate eating like this and not wanting to blow a month's worth of work for one stupid piece of pizza.)

I was "rewarded" with a 1.4 pound gain.  

This got me thinking about what I've been eating.  Just because a food is paleo or gluten free doesn't mean it's calorie free.  I've tried to find some substitutes to make me a little happier with this diet but the fact is, I'm still eating too many calories.  

I wanted to eat my burger on Memorial Day on a bun.  Those gluten free buns are 170 calories and what sucks is they don't taste that good.  I should have saved the 170 calories and $5 for 4 buns and just eaten my burger with a knife and fork.

I have a sweet tooth and have wanted dessert.  Avocado chocolate pudding with strawberries and coconut whipped cream contains "healthy fats" but it's still fattening.  Frozen banana "ice cream" contains a shit ton of calories, even though it's essentially all fruit.  

I need to cool it with the treats and replacement carbs I guess.  I know not all calories are created equal but it appears 1500 calories is still too many.  

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