Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon: Training Week Sub-Zero

My next official half marathon (well, the next race I've registered for) is the Bayshore Half Marathon in Traverse City Michigan.  The race isn't until Memorial Weekend, so I've got a bit of time to train and I'm sure there will be some other races in the meantime.  I'm also working on tweaking my training plan.  I've been looking at a few options and consulting with my coaches (read - running buddies) about a few different training plans.

Right now, I'm just focusing on getting my base miles back up where they belong and trying to stay healthy.  My shin is feeling better but I managed to roll my ankle a little almost 2 weeks ago running in our first really big snowstorm.  Dumb.  I ran on it several times after that (because at the time it didn't feel like anything) and now it's pretty pissed off.  I'll be good for awhile, but then I sit all day at work like I did today and go to get up - YOWZERS.  I see lots of rolling, heat and ice this week with not so much running.

Here was my "training" last week:
Monday 12/31/12 - BIKE: Capped off 2012 with a 12 mile, 54 minute bike ride on my trainer.
Tuesday 1/1/13 - RUN: Started the new year with a fast 5. Ran a hilly 5 miles in 50:37.  One of my best runs in a long time.
Wednesday 1/2/13 - Strength/Cardio: 30 minute arms and a 30 minute easy spin after weights.
Thursday 1/3/13 - Strength/Cardio: 30 minutes legs and 30 min of speedwork on the treadmill. 60 second runs/90 sec walks for 20 min with 5 min wu and 5 min cd.  Major sweat fest and ran most of the run segments at 7 mph or about an 8:30 pace.
Friday 1/4/13 - Rest day
Saturday 1/5/13 - RUN: Longest run since my half marathon back in November. 7.3 miles 1:16:44 (10:30 pace). Ran with the 5/3 River Bank Run group - hills, a fast pace and good company.  Felt really good during the run but by evening, my ankle was so stiff and sore that I could barely walk.  Clearly I messed my ankle up more than I thought a couple weeks ago.
Sunday 1/6/13 - Rest day

I could use a little advice.  I have the opportunity to "run" a winter (read - snow covered trails with booze at the aide stations) half marathon on Groundhog Day.  Right now I don't think my ankle can handle it but I really want to do the race.  I have a ton of friends running and it's the inaugural year.  Sweet bling and a hoodie.  Should I go for it and just have fun or skip it?  I'm thinking it's early enough in half training to take the risk, but with all my injuries last year, I'm a bit gun-shy.

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