Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Breakfast Ideas

This week I've been struggling to find fast, easy, filling breakfasts that don't break the calorie count for the entire day.  My calories on MFP are set at 1280, which many people have commented are too low - they might be since I lost another 1.2 pounds yesterday - but I'm back down to 149 (out of the dreaded 150s) and that makes me happy so I'm keeping the calories low for the time being.  My usual MO of Greek yogurt, fruit or a little dry cereal mixed in, and coffee had me starving by 10 am.  Yesterday I started having my Drink Click protein drinks again (at 120 calories they aren't horrible and they still have caffeine, which helps my fuzzy morning brain) with my yogurt and fruit (just a clementine).  I wasn't hungry until 11, so I figured that was a win.  On my blog yesterday, I asked for some other breakfast ideas and you guys really came through.  Here are 3 great ideas from yesterday:

  1. Scrambled egg (or any egg) cooked in the microwave.  This was suggested by both Brooke and Corey.  Corey even went so far as to suggest turning it into an egg mcmuffin sandwich with an English muffin and turkey bacon.  This morning I made an egg in the micro, added a tiny bit of cheese and put it between 2 slices of bread.  I also had my Click.  We'll see how I feel later this morning.
  2. Kimberly suggested breakfast burritos.  She makes up a dozen of them on the weekend with egg whites, turkey sausage, low fat cheese and low carb tortillas.  She freezes them and then nukes them for 3 minutes on 50% power.  I think I'm going to try this sometime this weekend.
  3. Thea sent me a link on Twitter for a bunch of "nutrient dense" breakfast foods.  You can find the link here. Primarily, the recipes are for smoothies and overnight oats in a jar but they look pretty yummy.  
I'm always looking for more ideas - so feel free to comment with your favorite, go-to breakfast!

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