Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bayshore Half Training: not quite

I still haven't "officially" started training for the Bayshore Half Marathon, but it the training plan was supposed to start this past Saturday.  Since I took most of the past week off from running to try and let my calf/ankle/foot heal a bit more, I'm not starting my training until this week or maybe even next week.  I do have about 20 weeks, so I figure I have at least 2-3 weeks before I need to really start focusing on getting back into serious running training. My sports med doctor said I can try a few miles this week but he didn't say when.  I'll need to figure that out, I guess.

This was how the past week played out.  I'm not listing what my "plan" said I should be doing since the plan is pretty much out the window at this point.

Monday 1/7/13 - Bike: 45 min (9.25 miles) on the trainer.

Tuesday 1/8/13 - Strength: 25 min of arms and abs.
                           Run: Intervals - .6 mile walking wu/cd then 1.8 miles doing w2d1 of c25k.

Wednesday 1/9/13 - Strength: 20 min of abs and stretching after my sports med appt.  Was told to take the rest of the week off from running and do more calf and ankle work.

Thursday 1/10/13 - Bike: 30 min (6.5 miles) on the trainer.  My son was diagnosed with the flu today and I wasn't feeling great either.  Decided to take it easy.

Friday 1/11/13 - Yoga 60 min.  I really liked this class - wish I could afford to take classes here more often.  Much better than the ones at the Y.  The class was a fundraiser for my children's marching band, so that made it even more fun.  I'm definitely more flexible than their band director :)

Saturday 1/12/13 - Bike: 90 min (20 miles) on the trainer.  Set a trainer PR and watched (most of) the first Harry Potter.  Today was supposed to be my first official run of Bayshore training.  I have 2 plans that I'm looking at and depending on which one I follow, I was supposed to run either 4 or 8 miles (I would've done 8 since I did 7 last week).  Since I would've spent at least 90 minutes running, I decided to go for that on the bike.  Figured I could get 20 miles in and pretty much nailed it.  After my workout, I met up with a bunch of runner friends for a late breakfast.  Sitting and talking running is hard when you aren't allowed to run.

Sunday 1/13/13 - After following the WDW Marathon results on twitter and watching (virtually) my girl, Kirsten, kick the Goofy Challenge's butt, I decided to not take a rest day and threw in a few minutes of abs and some rolling and stretching.  I also started seriously thinking about training for the Goofy Challenge in the future.  I know I'd be able to finish (time wouldn't matter) but it's the cost, time off from work, and training time that are major obstacles at this point.  Plus, most of my friends have done it already - I really don't want to go down there and run it alone.  I wouldn't expect anyone to run in "with" me because I know my pace would be insanely slow, but I'd want the whole friends weekend.  That would be tough if I had to fly down Thursday night or Friday morning, run Saturday, run Sunday and then fly home Sunday night.

I finished up this week feeling pretty blah about the week's workouts.  None of them were especially hard, many seemed too short, and there just wasn't any quality running.  I got a little emotional following twitter Saturday and Sunday morning - even cried when I got the tweet that Kirsten had finished because I was simply in awe of her (and everyone running that day). I had a stressful week and none of my workouts help deal with that stress the way a really good run does.  Sure, biking 20 miles in your basement is awesome, but it isn't the same and doesn't give the same feeling an 8 mile run would have. And then to start thinking about a race that right now I'd be lucky to CRAWL through? Probably not my smartest, mentally-healthy move.

What did you do this past week to make yourself a little stronger?  Any Disney runners visiting my blog today?  If you ran Disney and wrote a race report, please link it here so I can read it!

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