Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday: post-holiday suck

Starting Weight: 153.6
Last week: 150.2 (actually 2 weeks ago because I didn't weigh-in last week)
This week: 151.6
Change: up 1.4
Total change: down 2.0

The past 3 months has looked like this:

I'm really getting sick of it if I can be perfectly honest. Getting back to a healthy weight was a definite fail from my 2012 goals. I hate to think that my body wants to hover around 150 because, frankly, I think it's at least 10-15 pounds higher than where I should be. (And if you look at some sites I'm probably considered borderline obese and should weigh around 115-120.) I had friends talking on twitter about wanting to lose 10 pounds and they are already at what I would consider to be a very healthy weight for them. Guess this just proves we can never be happy with ourselves.

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