Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bayshore Half Training: week 2

This week went pretty well overall.  I'm not really getting in enough strength training though. I've got a basic plan outlined for the running, but the cross training and strength portions needs some work.  I also only logged 24 miles this week (compared to 50-something last week) so I obviously didn't bike as much as I should have, either.

Monday 1/21/13 - Plan: 3 miles at 11:20 pace.  Did: 3.1 mile Snowpocoylpse run at 13:04 pace.  Yah, I was a BAMF and ran outside during a blizzard and sub-zero windchills, but my pace tanked.  

Tuesday 1/22/13 - Plan: crosstrain.  Did: 2 mile run in the snow again at 11:02 pace.  I literally ran errands instead of crosstraining, then I shoveled snow for 25 minutes.  We'll call that "arms".

Wednesday 1/23/13 - Plan: Tempo 4 MI, inc w/u; 2 MI @ 9:37, c/d. Did this on the TM. My tempo pace was slightly slower but considering I haven't run 3 consecutive days EVER, I'll take it. Overall pace was 10:33 including the WU/CD.

Thursday 1/24/13 - Plan: Rest.  Did: Rest.  I managed a 10 min Gorilla App workout but didn't get anything else in. Had a small medical procedure in the afternoon and wasn't up to anything else after that other than laying on the couch.

Friday 1/25/13 - Plan Crosstrain 30 min/Strength 39 min.  Did: 45 min cycle workout (10 miles) on my trainer before going out for my friend's birthday party and dancing at a concert.  I managed to stay pretty much within my calories for the day, too, so I'm calling it a win.

Saturday 1/26/13 - Plan: Run "long" run of 5 miles at 11:20 pace.  Did: ran 5 miles in 1 hour (12 m/m pace).  This run basically sucked for many reasons.  I tried out some different intervals but mentally I wasn't in the right place and I think my fueling and lack of hydrating on Friday also hurt me.  Last week I had a great long run but this week it sucked.  Sometimes runs just do that.  

Sunday 1/20/13 - Plan: I didn't have one.  Did: another rest day.  I probably didn't need it but the day got away from me.  I did manage some rolling and stretching, but mostly I went to church, hung out with girlfriends, and watched a movie.  It was a good day.

I think looking at this week, I know I shouldn't run 3 days in a row again and I should make sure I fuel better for my runs, but overall it was a decent week.  I'm looking forward to logging some easy runs during the week and longer miles next weekend.  One of my girlfriends also loaned me a pair of Newtons to try out.  Might give those a little run as well.

How was your week?  Anything interesting to report?

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