Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday: I have time


Yesterday I was put back on the disabled list. Sports med doc wants me to rest my ankle & arch this week. Lots of icing, rolling & stretching. Oh joy.

I'm thankful my half is 20 weeks away. I have time and it's not like starting my training a week or two later than now is going to make much difference in the long run (sorry - pun not intended).

I'm also thankful that I can cross train. Looking back at my year-end summary shows how much I cross trained after I ended up in a boot back in April (and how little I ran January through April, even though I ran 2 half marathons during that time).  Most of those summer miles were logged on my bike.


It appears the flu epidemic that is attacking Michigan right now has finally hit my house.  My boy is sick and I'm starting to feel it too.  I got the flu vaccine though, so I'm hoping all I end up with is this horrible headache and the little bit of a cough I have now.  I have 4 meetings scheduled tomorrow, so I can't be sick.  Also, moms aren't allowed to get sick because we have to take care of everyone else.  I can guarantee the kids won't be taking care of me if I go down.


This was my scene coming home a couple nights ago.  I wish my iPhone camera could have done it justice.

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