Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Detroit Marathon Training Week 9 and a winner!

First off, a quick "THANK YOU" to everyone who entered my "Run the D" giveaway for an entry to the Detroit Women's Half Marathon and 5k.  Rafflecopter did it's thing and we have a winner!  Congratulations to Patti W - can't wait to hear how your race goes!

Now onto the training recap portion of this program.

After a pretty miserable week 8, I really stepped things up for week 9.  Looking back at my DailyMile stats, this is the most miles I've run in a week in longer than the bar graph goes back and if I hit all my runs for the rest of the month, I will come in with just under 100 miles.  I'm not even sure I ever hit that in a month on my first round of marathon training.

It's no wonder I'm tired and feeling a little stressed by the whole thing.

My workouts went pretty well this week and were capped off my a long run/race that was quite memorable.

Monday 7-14-14 RUN 3.1 in just under 31 min (9:51 pace).  This was supposed to be an easy run but my legs decided otherwise and I pushed the pace a little.

Tuesday 7-15-14 LIFTING

Wednesday 7-16-14 RUN TEMPO 6 miles 60 min and change (10:02 pace).  The 4 tempo miles were more of a progression run and the only reason I hit the average goal pace was because of the last mile.  It was really quite cool outside, so I'm disappointed I didn't run faster.

Thursday 7-17-14 LIFTING

Friday 7-18-14 RUN (a bonus workout). I was feeling antsy so I did 2 miles plus 1/2 mile of strides (ave 9:44 pace).

Saturday 7-19-14 REST but it really wasn't because I walked around an expo and then downtown Chicago for hours.

Sunday 7-20-14 RUN 18.23 miles in 3:32:xx (11:36 ave pace). I ran the first 5 miles as a warm up to the Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon.  It was hot, humid, and kind of sucky but a good way to get in a supported training run.  You can read the race report here.

I'm feeling pretty decent since the long run on Sunday.  Even Monday morning I felt good enough to go lift for 90 minutes.  It's nice to see I'm recovering fairly quickly from these longer runs.  Now, if it would just cool off some so I could actually hit my long run paces, I'd appreciate it.  It's not looking good for my 20 miler on Saturday - in fact, storms are in the forecast so there is a chance I may be doing 20 miles on a treadmill (or multiple treadmills because of the stupid gym rules about how long you can use a machine).  Pray for a dry, cool Saturday morning.  Or at least no lightening.

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