Thursday, July 3, 2014

#TTT: 3 Take-aways from #fitbloggin

I could go on and on about how incredible the FitBloggin sessions were, how great Roni is, about the camaraderie and support from hanging out with like-minded people.  But I won't.  You can find tons of FitBloggin14 recaps here and they all rock.  When I attended FitBloggin11, I attended as a relatively knew blogger and felt like I needed to attend all the sessions, eat all the food, take all the fitness classes, and party until all hours.  This year, I was much more relaxed.  I was still exhausted by the time I returned home, but I was more selective in what I chose to do and my head wasn't spinning quite as much.

Instead, here are 3 little take-aways from FitBloggin14.

1.  You MUST #takealltheselfies (or recruit people to take your pic).
Melissa, Monica (Bang), Arian Foster
Thea, The Tribe, Thea/Heather/Christy/Me
Dubyawife, Alan, Jeff Galloway
There are so many other people that I wanted to see or I saw but didn't take a picture with.  I sat in sessions with bloggers ("pros" and newbies, some who don't even blog yet) who are at every point in their own journeys.  Each and every one of them inspire me on some level.  

2.  Savannah is incredibly beautiful.

Some of my favorite FitBloggin14 memories took place outside of the conference rooms: walking through the squares on my way to the conference from my hotel, strolling along River Street on it's historic cobblestones, watching the water and the enormous ships, discussing running and blogging while out at dinner or in the lounge with old and new friends.  All of those events are also FitBloggin.

3.  If you are going to run 14 miles while at FitBloggin, it's best with a support crew and incredible scenery.
10k, bridge-running, rockstars. Yah, that's Jeff Galloway in the middle.
I seriously had NO IDEA how hard it was going to be to run my weekend long run in Savannah.  I have heat and humidity in Michigan, but nothing like that.  Running through the squares, on the bridge route with the 10k group, and then the River Walk added enough different scenery that it helped break up the run.  But those weren't the biggest keys to making it through my long run.  If I didn't have friends encouraging me - especially going up and over that bridge TWICE - I don't think I would have finished.  Encouraging and supporting others is what really makes the FitBloggin community so special.  

I may write another recap, but in all likelihood, this will be it.  Instead, I'm enjoying reading everyone else's posts while I miss them all deeply.

I'm hoping against hope to make it to FitBloggin15 in Denver.  Will you be there?

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