Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon Week 6

Oh my goodness...how am I through 6 weeks of marathon training already???  Guess it gets drawn out when you need to re-build your base vs just jumping right in to a 10 mile long run.

Looking at my Daily Mile report from this past week, it would appear my workouts were a bit light.  They were.  I traveled to Savannah, GA this week for FitBloggin so the structured workouts I would have done were pushed to the side for fun with friends and learning.  Because I was worried about what one of the fitness sessions might do to Saturday's long run, I skipped those (except a couple minute long HIIT burpee session).  I will say, there was a ton of walking on the three empty days up there.  I'll touch on those in the recaps.

Monday 6-23-14 RUN 4 miles as WU, 2x1600 with 800 recovery and 800 CD.  Nailed this workout (averaged 10:13 pace but my 2 intervals were 8:51 and 8:58).  It poured rain the whole time and I'd forgotten how fun it was to run in the rain.

Tuesday 6-24-14 LIFT 50 minutes.  Good session even though most of the equipment I wanted was not available.

Wednesday 6-25-14 RUN easy 3.2 miles (semi-watchless averaged 11:05 pace). Humid. Soup.

Thursday 6-26-14 WALK - I toured an old rice plantation and walked around the property for about 90 minutes.

Friday 6-27-14 WALK - My hotel was 1/2 a mile from the conference hotel, so I figure with walking back and forth several times I probably walked at least 3 miles.

Saturday 6-28-14 WALK - ditto Friday.

Sunday 6-29-14 RUN Long 14 miles as a 4 mile run (45:27), 6.2 mile run (1:12:20 - this also acted as my Shrinking Jeans virtual 10k), and 3.8 mile run (46:39).  Savannah is humid as f*ck, people.  For reals.  I think I drank well over 40 oz of fluids on this run and I can only imagine how much my sweat loss was.  All in all, I averaged an 11:44 pace, which considering the heat and humidity, I should be happy with.  To be honest, I hope this weekend's 16 miler goes MUCH better.  I have a friend who is willing to run with me and I'm sure she'll keep me going.

As for FitBloggin - I'm not quite ready to write a recap.  So many thoughts are in my head and I haven't quite made sense of them yet.  It was inspiring, fun, energetic, much more than I could have asked for.

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