Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon week 10

As far as workouts go, this week was both awful and amazing.  It just went to prove that one bad workout doesn't need to affect the next one.  I need to hold onto that, because I'm sure I'll need that little tidbit of information later.

Monday 7-21-14 LIFT 90 minutes. I'm almost to the end of July and this lifting program. I really hope coach mixes it up again for August.

Tuesday 7-22-14 RUN 3 miles easy (10:58 pace).  This run felt like my legs were running through mud.

Wednesday 7-23-14 LIFT 90 minutes. Bad workout and got called out for bitching about it. #tribelove #justtrollin.  Then BIKE 9 miles at a snails pace with a local bike group.  I won't do that again. I hate biking around that many people and in traffic.

Thursday 7-24-14 RUN 6 miles with 3x1600.  It was a blessedly cool morning and I nailed this run.  Averaged a 10:02 overall and a 9:34 on the miles (just shy of the 9:18 goal).

Friday 7-25-14 REST

Saturday 7-26-14 RUN long 20 miles!  I averaged an 11:18 pace using a 5 minute run / 1 minute walk interval.  I felt great through about 18 miles and it was a great redemption after how I felt running in Chicago the week before.  It occurred to me right before the run that this is only the 4th time I've run this far.

Sunday 7-27-14 REST and RECOVERY.  I woke up feeling really good.  Only some aches in my achilles and back.  The rest of me felt pretty darn good.

Looking forward to my step-back week and "only" 16 miles on my next long run.

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