Monday, July 7, 2014

Meal Monday: Cranberry and Kale Turkey Burgers #recipe

This is another great recipe I found on Ziplist.  You can find the original recipe from Love and Zest here.

Since I didn't really change the recipe at all, other than leaving out the shallot because I didn't have it, I'm not going to reproduce the whole thing.

I cooked our turkey burgers on the grill and they definitely took a good 8 minutes per side.  I'm fine with a medium rare hamburger, but for turkey I wanted it cooked through.  They might have been a touch overdone though.  Maybe next time I should use a thermometer.

Since I'm still not eating breads, I had mine plain with a knife and fork, but Mike put his on a bun.  The kids wouldn't touch them so the first picture shows basically 1/2 a batch.  The original recipe says 6 burgers but I ended up making 4 with a 1.25 pound package of ground turkey.  If you make it into 4 burgers, they are around 300 calories each. I served the burgers with a side of roasted sweet potatoes (cube and roll in coconut oil and minced garlic and roast at 350* for about 30 min turning a few times) and kale chips (not pictured).  Yummy and healthy.  If you are trying to stay more paleo, you could leave out the blue cheese and I think they would turn out fine.  The cheese definitely added a nice flavor though.

Do you have a great turkey burger recipe?

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