Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon week 7

Well friends, I made it 7 weeks into my training plan before I managed to hurt myself.  Nothing serious (I hope) and it wasn't totally running related, but it's already caused me to miss a run. GRRR.  Anyhoo...until I managed to just fall over and hurt my hip, my training was going pretty great.

Monday 6-30-14 : REST.  Actually, tons of sitting as I traveled home from FitBloggin' (I have a quick take-away post here and I'll be writing more about other aspects of the trip later).  Sitting in a car, airport, plane, and car for pretty much the entire day was actually as tiring as a long run.  After running 14 miles the day before, I probably needed the rest but if anything I just got stiff and sore.

Tuesday 7-1-14: LIFT 75 mins - started a new lifting program and it kicked my butt.  RUN 2.6 miles in 31 minutes (11:37 pace) at the GR Marathon Beerrun.  A horrible run caused by travel, time of day, heat, humidity, and overall just kind of not sucking it up.  I'm pretty much past it but it's still awful when runs like this happen.  I wasn't even planning to drink after because I really need to detox from FitBloggin' but I was so frustrated I had a beer AND two boneless wings (read: lots of gluten).

Wednesday 7-2-14: Didn't log anything but I did spend about an hour walking around another college campus with my daughter.

Thursday 7-3-14: TEMPO RUN - this run KICKED ASS.  I averaged a 10:04 pace for the 5 miles with my 3 tempo miles at 9:17, 9:41 and 8:31!  This run needs to get bookmarked on my desktop so when I have another shitty run and can look back and remember that I don't always suck.

Friday 7-4-14: LIFT 90 minutes.  I like my new lifting plan except for how long it takes me.

Saturday 7-5-14: LONG RUN - 16 miles baby!  It took my about 3 hrs and 10 minutes (11:48 pace), which was 10 min slower than I wanted to run, but with all the hills and some eventual heat and humidity, I'm very happy with the run.  Another bonus to the run?  NO BRA CHAFFING!!! I ordered a new bra (this one) and while it's definitely more padded/heavy than I would like, it kept the girls contained and I didn't end the run bloody, so I ordered another one.  I also got one last run with my friend Bre before she moves away to Alabama to start her new job.  That made this run even more special.  I'm super proud of all she's accomplished and I'm going to miss seeing her a few times a year.

INJURY: After getting home from my run and feeling really pretty good (other than some major dehydration and tired legs), I managed to get tangled up in my clothes getting dressed after my shower and I fell.  I should have hit the ground instead of trying to stop myself because my piriformis is really screwed up.  Dumb.

Sunday 7-6-14: Very slow, 2 mile walk to try and loosen up my hip.  Didn't really help.

Week 8 on my training plan is a step-back week and at this point, I'm afraid I'm going to have nothing to write about.  I'm taking it easy because I have the Rock N Roll Chicago half on July 20th (technically 18 miles that day) and that's my priority right now.

How was your week?  Any July 4th themed runs or workouts?

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