Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#WIAW and a Weigh-in: Keeping it #fitbloggin real

I just spent 5 glorious days in Savannah, GA for the FitBloggin conference.  (More on the conference later.)

If you know anything about Savannah, it's not the healthiest place to eat.

I mean, they deep fry EVERYTHING!

From their tomatoes....

to their Moon Pies.....
for the record - it was TO DIE FOR
Savannah even has this neat little law that allows you to walk down the street with booze.

I know, right?!?!

Needless to say, as hard as I tried to stick to "paleo-ish", there were a lot of things I ate and drank that did not fit the bill.  One session I went to at FitBloggin pointed out that we can "choose to fail".  Last weekend, I chose to allow myself to "fail" without punishing myself for doing so.  My body punished me plenty after the one day I drank 4 beers (over the course of the day, but still).  Lesson learned at 1 am.

My indulging rewarded me with an extra 4.8 pounds on the scale.  Now, I KNOW I did not gain 4.8 pounds of fat this weekend and the majority of this is water from eating carbs and drinking booze.  I'm choosing to not stress too much about this.  Hopefully the extra pounds will be gone next week though because I'd hate to think I blew 8 weeks of healthy eating and weightloss in a single weekend.  But if I did, then I need to accept that.

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