Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday 5: #rnrchi indecisiveness

This weekend's 18 mile long run will be done in conjunction with the Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon. I've never done a Rock n Roll race so I'm really excited for that piece.
The other 5 miles?  Not so much.

The past couple days have been punctuated by indecisiveness.  It's kind of gone like this..

1.  It's going to be hot so I'm going to wear my usual Athleta running skort.

2.  Every time I wear those skorts I chafe in some nasty areas, so I guess I'll wear capris and suck it up in the heat.

3. If I wear capris, that means I get to sparkle!
Pretty sure this is flat Bari - ignore the unmade bed.
4.  Should I run with music or just have fun with the on-course entertainment?

5. Who am I kidding? I'm not running 18 miles without music.  I even figured out a way to wear my shuffle that doesn't bother me or make my headphones fall out!
Ignore the sweaty post-run nastiness.  Note to self-don't forget the sunscreen.
Are you running Rock n Roll Chicago?  Want to join me for an extra 5 miles at 4:30 am?  Seriously. If you do, message or tweet me and I'll let you know where a few of us are meeting up!

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