Monday, July 14, 2014

Movement Monday: Detroit Marathon Training Week 8

Normally, I'd recap my marathon training week tomorrow, but I have an INCREDIBLE giveaway planned so you get the recap a day early.  Just make sure to come back tomorrow - you won't be disappointed!!

Now onto the recap....I labeled this post "Movement Monday" but there really wasn't as much movement as there should have been, or at least not the right kinds.  I guess if you are going to do something stupid and injure yourself, it's best to do it on a step-back week.  Because of my dumb hass, I only ran once this week.  Next week I'll have to do better since I have an 18 miler on Sunday (Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Chicago plus and extra 5 miles before the race - holdme).

Monday 7/7/14 - WALK 90 minutes (about 4.25 miles) and SWIM about 500 yards.

Tuesday 7/8/14 - LIFT 50 minutes. Couldn't do any lower body stuff.

Wednesday 7/9/14 - BIKE 8 miles.

Thursday 7/10/14 - WALK 100 minutes (about 5.25 miles) and LIFT 75 minutes.

Friday 7/11/14 - Nothing formal. Went on another college campus visit so there was some walking and lots of stairs but I didn't track it.

Saturday 7/12/14 - RUN 6 miles in 1:06:xx (10:56 pace).  Felt good to run again but I was discouraged by all the parts that had stopped hurting but now hurt again because I had too many rest days.  The good news was my hass didn't hurt.

Sunday 7/13/14 - WALK 35 min (2 miles).

So, in retrospect, for a week with only one run, I still managed to get in a decent amount of activity.  I just have a hard time counting walking as exercise since it burns between zero and zero calories for me (yes, I know we all burn about 100 calories per mile no matter how we cover that mile, but I also know my heart rate doesn't get up at all on walks so that 100 is probably cut about in half).

Captain Jack sums up marathon training, don't you think?
Next week starts the week where I really consider myself marathon training.  The 18 mile run is what shows you are going way past a half marathon or 25k because who else in their right mind would run 18 miles for fun?  Now, in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow....I will "try not to do anything sssstupid" this week to re-injury myself.

*don't forget to come back tomorrow for a great giveaway!*

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