Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday "progress"

I posted this question to a closed group I belong to on Facebook because I'm super frustrated right now.

"Why does MFP call the weight and measurement tracking section "progress"? There's no progress here unless you count moving in the wrong direction this entire month. How is it I can run almost 30 miles last week (incl an 18 miler on Sunday) plus have 2 almost 90 min strength sessions and still gain weight?"

I'm sure people are going to come back and say I'm not eating enough but I don't think that's it.  I have my calories set at 1330 and I eat back most of what I burn exercising. I'm not hungry when I go to bed but I'm hungry when I wake up.  I'm eating paleo at least 85-90% of the time which means lots of protein and veggies, very little refined crap, and minimal sugar.  I've started to add back in some dairy and occasionally a grain like corn because frankly, I like those things and they don't seem to mess up my system. Or do they?  Is that why my weightloss completely stalled after my trip to Savannah?  Do I need to cut those foods back out?  Or is this simply going to be the way it is while I'm marathon training?  I joked after my 18 miler that my goal the next day was to "not eat all the things" but it really wasn't a joke.  I'm trying very hard to find the balance between refueling and overeating. In the summer I crave salty foods after runs because I sweat so much but I'm trying not to go nuts with salt because that just makes me retain water. It's not easy.

If you have an answer to my question that isn't just "eat more" I'd love to hear it.

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